Self Development Coaching

Focusing On You

One on one coaching is an opportunity to flourish and take yourself to the next level. Many of us are ready for more in life which looks very different for each person however the common theme is that we are ready. That in itself is huge, timing is important. Investing in yourself is the best investment anyone can make. Why reach your goals on your own, that is the philosophy of western society and it is sadly guiding us down a path of exhaustion and goals we have difficulty reaching.

When we coach together, I am in your direct support network guiding you, holding you accountable and keeping you honest with yourself. Success is very hard to reach on your own and having a trusted adviser to rely on is like gold. My commitment to guiding you to achieve is built on trust, alignment and focus. 

When individuals choose to focus on themselves it is a commitment to you, and you are your greatest ally. Seeking coaching does not mean you need therapy or you have an skeleton in your closet you must deal with. Self development means you want to grow as a person and heightened your abilities to live your idea of an awesome life. Everyone that comes to me for coaching is seeking something different to improve; there is no right or wrong; it’s your life and your goals. Focus on you and improve your quality of life today!

Improving Relationships

Relationships of any nature can pose challenges or experience ups and downs. When I work with couples, siblings, families, etc it becomes about understanding each other so connections and respect for each other strengthen. This creates a stronger bond so when times may become more difficult the love, respect and bonds are not damaged with long lasting effects. 

Coaching is for relationships that have friction and chaos however coaching is also for relationships that are wonderful and stable. Making the commitment to improve is where it all begins. Choice and commitment allows for honesty from a genuine place where one is more grounded and ready to go on a journey of improvement and discovery.

Every relationship strengthens and grows in different ways, journeying through growth is a powerful way to embark on change together. The relationships we choose to create, then nurture and invest in, play a huge role in shaping our lives. We want these relationships to be healthy as they impact our wellbeing everyday. Whether you are partners in life, two sisters, a group of friends or a father and son, taking time to learn about each other is an absolute. The benefits of investing in your relationships will pay dividends by providing you with long term opportunities to grow closer to one another and by removing perception. 

Coaching In Action

When people come to me for coaching it does not mean that there are problems with their life or their relationships. Taking time to learn about yourself or each other is one of the most impactful actions you can take. Through learning you begin to understand why you and the people in your life do the things they do. 

We live in a world of perception and we literally can’t help but try to make sense of what information is coming our way. Removing the perception and getting to know people in a brand new way is coaching in action.  

What To Expect

It is important that we take time to connect and ensure we are aligned on next steps in order to get the results you are looking for. You can expect me to ask you questions to understand what you are looking to improve and what current state looks like. These answers are unique to every scenario and this will vary from person to person. This is why tailoring my coaching format and workshops to meet your needs is a crucial step in what I do. Whether you are coaching for personal self development or you are partners looking to understand each other better, your goals are the focus.

Achieving Together

My coaching style is one of collaboration and commitment. The ability to solidify our relationship and connection is an important step so together we level you up and your relationships level up. In order to make improvements and reach your goals it is important that we connect on a time frame that aligns with you and your goals. Some people like to meet face to face while others enjoy a video conference. Determining this rhythm will set us up for a successful coaching relationship. 

Whether I am working with individuals or working with couples, siblings, best friends and other relationships, creates connections in new ways. Giving everyone the chance to speak their truth in a safe setting brings people closer together with a new level of respect between all. Whether your goal is to clear the resentment or engage in a self development journey together or solo you will improve your understanding of each other and yourself.

My role is to guide and support you so your personal or relationship journey is safe, full of growth and profound to you. Together we commit, together we achieve!

It is a powerful moment when an individual is given the opportunity to tell another person who they are.

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