Dare to Think Different

Written by Gwen Halchuk on January 23, 2020

We have all been in one of those situations where we walk out of a meeting with other peers where we are smiling and laughing with one another but inside you are thinking what the hell just happened. Along with that thought you question who was even leading that meeting and wonder how do these people expect you to hit your objectives with no vision or direction and you may even question the intelligence of your peers. We have all been there in some capacity whether it be at work, with family, or with friends. The incredible thing about people is that we are all unique in our own right. Of course fundamentally we know this, however we have been told to treat everyone the same since we were young. Therefore does everyone really know just how different we actually are.

Judgement Free

Often times we are quick to judge people who are different than us. We all do it and society has conditioned us to look to the left and the right versus looking in the mirror. We are so concerned with what others are doing; who has what shoes, who is vacationing where, if I do not volunteer how will that look. We all want different things out of life so of course we show up differently. Not everyone likes shoes, so shoe lovers go for it! Not everyone likes to vacation abroad, so enjoy your happy place at home. You don’t want to volunteer for your child’s bake sale, then don’t bake those cupcakes. Free yourself of expectations from others and accept that people think differently. This is what makes us different; we actually think differently and it is ok to be you. No apology needed!

Factors Influencing the Transfer of Learning

When you look at how people learn I believe it is based on three things; our natural hard wiring, our environmental influences and our personal motivation to learn. Our hard wiring comes from our DNA, some people are just going to suck at math, like myself or they may be amazing at planning and organizing. Our environmental influences are like a wild card, they come from so many different elements like school, friends, parents, our living situation, teachers, coaches, internal motivation, competitiveness and so on. Feedback we get from teachers influences us to try harder or gives us the confidence to deliver a speech. Our motivation is tightly linked to how we learn as well. If I am incentivized in some fashion to take on a new project and incentives motivate me, I will have a high willingness to learn. These factors emerge in different situations and pausing to understand these factors for yourself and others brings the power in thinking differently.

Strategic Thinking Versus Intuitive Thinking

When we are asked for an idea, our opinions, our reason for making a certain decision and so on, our thought process comes from different places that we do not always see or understand. Some people rely on strategic thinking and their thought process includes elements such as risk, vision, the why, details, etc. Intuitive thinking involves feelings and being able to understand signs your body may give you such as when you get that uneasy feeling in your gut or when your spidey senses start to tingle. Intuitives feel it and strategics think it. There is no right or wrong, however it’s important to simply be aware and know. Start with the people you are closest with so alignment flows more easily and everyone is on the same page and understands. Then branch beyond to shift your thinking in all areas of life. 

We really all do think differently and it’s important to remove the perception as quickly as you can. When you can understand other perspectives you open up your mind to growth and diversity which can propel you further in life. Be ready to receive the intrinsic reward of understanding perspectives and challenging your own thinking.  

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